Month: May 2018

Pedestal – it’s a long way down!

Written, recorded and videographed (?) in under two weeks, this is a “two week challenge” song. Owen chose the title, handed it to Andrea, who created lyrics for a verse and chorus, and handed them back to Owen (with a snippet of suggested melody), who took that to create the music and make a demo, around which the rest of the lyrics were crafted. We opted for a fairly low-key video this time. 🙂

Fill your nest – the Magpie is back already!

No sooner did we mention our first original song “Magpie” (see below) than we made a video to go with it!  🙂  There’s definitely a bird theme going on just now!


Of Cardigans and Cuckoos…

We were invited to do a song for a tribute remake of The Cardigans 1996 album, “First Band On The Moon”. Here’s our adaptation of the opening track, “Your New Cuckoo”, with a little video of our own invention added for fun! 🙂  Andrea sings lead, and created all the green-screen video segments, while Owen created the musical backdrop and animated video segments.

You can hear the full tribute album, recreated by a plethora of talented types, here:

One for sorrow… There’s a Magpie stealing shiny things

Magpie is an original song recorded last year for our in-progress album.  It’s also the first song we co-wrote!  We’re very pleased to post it on our new Bandcamp page: where a small selection of originals are available to listen to.