At last!  Our debut album (or is it?) is here!

Four years in the making (though we’ve been doing other things too, as you can see below) – Fictional Histories is eleven songs ranging from the hauntingly ethereal to the brazenly bombastic, woven together by the illusion of a long, shared history.  Decisions and regrets, successes and failures, lessons learned, roads forever not taken and paths that might still be explored; it is a conversation about pausing in the midst of adulthood, taking stock of the paths that led us to this point, and realizing that there are many more songs left to sing.

If you’ve enjoyed our cover songs, you may well like our originals too.  You can acquire downloads or real-life CD copies of the album (with amazing packaging – at least until we run out of them) from our Bandcamp site (where the majority of funds goes back to the artist).  It’s also available on other platforms from today (see below for a selection), but if you want to help us out and keep the wandering going, Bandcamp is the best option!

For a quick sneak preview…

Places to listen and buy!

Bandcamp (downloads and CDs)

Apple Music / iTunes


Amazon (UK) / Amazon (US)

Also available from some time today on other streaming services!