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Do you remember The Summerhouse?

Back in the groove, here’s another from our suggestion list of October last, this time from Sean Lee Bourne, who suggested “The Summerhouse” by The Divine Comedy. Β This is a 1994 song by Neil Hannon, harking back on the imagined childhoods we might have had, and yet somehow reflecting the ones weΒ did have. πŸ™‚

Can you feel it? In the air tonight…

Time to air-drum along to the song that defined the drum sound of the 1980s! Β Here’s our interpretation of Phil Collins’s 1980s hit song “In The Air Tonight”, with a video totally filmed on location in an abandoned city during a thunderstorm.

All come to look for America…

Happy 2019, fellow Wanderers! Our first post of the year is this classic from Simon & Garfunkel, suggested last year by Lucy Jain. We’ve been snowed under (literally in Andrea’s case) for the last couple of months, so it’s good to get back into musical meanderings!

We recorded and filmed this 3000 miles apart – see if you can spot the joins… πŸ˜‰

It was Christmas Eve, babe… A fairytale of New York.

Christmas is almost upon us, the days are already getting longer, winter is here, and we’ve been making seasonal music! ‘Tis, after all, the season to be … yelling and calling each other names, at least in this festive feast originally made famous by The Pogues and the late, great Kirsty MacColl. Our final offering for 2018, and another suggestion sent in by our friend Dereck Blackburn over on our Facebook page.

Have a great 2018 solstice period, whatever you’re celebrating. πŸ™‚

Is This The Real Life? We’ll give you two guesses.

Sometimes, when people give us song suggestions, we look at each other and go, “Oh yes!” This was one of those. πŸ™‚

We knew from the start that we’d have to do a fairly faithful rendition – but in the end we only managed 154 vocal tracks. I know, we should try harder. And of course, with such an iconic video for the original song, how could we not do a little bit of that too?

Here we present Freddie Mercury’s opus from 1975. Please feel free to headbang along in the car.

No Digging … uh … No Digital … uh … No Diggity?!

In October we asked you for song suggestions that we might attempt as covers, and got a bucketful of excellent ideas in response! After a short hiatus to accommodate real life, here’s the second of those – a classic piece of new jack swing / hip hop R&B from 1996, originally by Blackstreet.

Chosen by Rosie RJ’s dog, apparently, it required a little more reinterpretation that is usual for us, owing to neither of us really knowing what a “homie” is (well, OK, Andrea says she does), and one of us being somewhat British. But we gave it our best shot. (We only bleeped one word. Can you spot it?)

If you spotted our teaser video last week, you’ll recognise a little of this video – we have another of your suggestions coming within the next week – from 21 years before this one – so keep watching!

Wanderings – 29th November 2018

Hello Wanderers! Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes of our latest productions, which may or may not be related to your recent song suggestions! New covers and new originals coming soon! Watch this space. πŸ™‚

All The Leaves Are Brown (and the sky is grey)

Its all-request Autumn in Aeon Wanderers land – many thanks to all our listeners who made suggestions for songs! We’re hoping to work through several more in the next few months, but here’s the first, from a thoughtful listener who wishes to remain nameless, in the form of this classic from The Mamas and The Papas. We chose not to deviate too far from the original – and it’s Andrea’s first outing on percussion too!

Dr Frankenstein on Viola

This was our entry for Mike Viola’s “The American Egypt” covers competition. We didn’t win, but had a great time turning his subtle original song into a dramatic AW piece! It didn’t actually snow during the making of the video! πŸ˜‰

This one is For Your Eyes Only, Mr Bond.

What do Connery, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan and Craig have in common? They’re far better at running around looking serious than Owen is! πŸ˜‰

So back in March last year, Andrew Curry from CurryCuts approached us to record a bonus track for his “Songs Bond Songs” covers project, and gave us one of the unused James Bond theme songs to tackle. Although Sheena Easton’s track made the final rushes, Blondie also wrote a song for “For Your Eyes Only” – one of their classic guitar-driven post-punk pop tracks.

So we took it and Bondified it to the extreme! Andrea took on the vocals, while Owen pulled as many Bond-Thematic tricks as he could from the book for the music. And nearly 18 months on, we’ve finally made a video to go with it! Filmed on two continents and in three countries (I’m sure we could have done better with a bit more time), and with a few easter eggs for the eagle-eyed, here’s our slightly tongue-in-cheek homage to Bond films past and present! We hope it will leave you a little stirred, not shaken. πŸ™‚