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Nothing’s fine, I’m Torn


Hello! We’re shaking off the pandemic doldrums with a cover we’ve wanted to do for quite some time. This song was made popular on the radio Back in the Day by Natalie Imbruglia, but it was actually written and recorded by LA-based band Ednaswap (of whom Andrea is a longtime fan). Recorded and filmed in the attics, offices and unfinished basements of Boston and Scotland. Hope you like!

So this is the New Year…

It’s often the case that one year feels very much like the last … we can perhaps be optimistic that nothing could ever feel quite like 2020, but while the current situation continues, there’s a certain ennui about living these days on repeat. This feeling of being powered entirely by coffee is definitely brought to mind by Death Cab for Cutie’s “The New Year”, which we have done our thing to to celebrate the birth of 2021.

Wishing you all a happy new year, and hoping your 2021s will be good ones!

Hey hey hey! Are you a twisted fire-starter?

O here! 1996 seems like a ridiculously long time ago, but that’s when The Prodigy’s “Firestarter” was first released, standing out instantly from all the other stuff on Radio 1 that I was forced to listen to at work at the time. It’s since been hailed as a groundbreaking genre crossover track, and of course, featured the late great Keith Flint’s inspired and unforgettable vocal and screen presence.

All of which leads nicely up to February 2020, pre-pandemic, and pre-lockdown, when Andrea was over here in Scotland, and we were discussing unlikely songs that we could cover. “We should do Firestarter,” quoth I, after mimicking a measure or two with accompanying ridiculous head and arm movements. “Oooh!” quoth she. Out came the flute and pseudo-string quartet, for what better instrumentation could there be for such a song? And after some further lockdown-enhanced ridiculous head and arm movements, please allow us to present our own crossover version of Firestarter, with some of the delicate sounds and rhythms of the original recreated from the ground up for your listening pleasure.

Hey hey hey.

That Hazy Shade of Winter is around us

Hey! It’s been a while! The cold season is upon us, and for our seasonal offering this year, a song that isn’t generally considered a seasonal song, but definitely fits the time of year. It also seems to fit the mood that has been 2020.

So enjoy our take on this Simon & Garfunkel classic, with a nod to The Bangles, and a deluge/sprinkling of snow depending on which side of the Atlantic you’re looking at.
Seasons Greetings to all from both of us!

Here am I sitting in a tin can…

Come and join us on a lunar voya…

:-O Whoa! Can you believe this is our FIFTIETH cover song as a duo?! :-O

:-O Whoa! Can you also believe that this coming Monday is the fourth anniversary of our FIRST cover song recording? :-O

True, not quite all those fifty are out here in the world with videos, and we’ve also done songs with other people, and things that don’t count as proper recordings… AND we’ve done a whole bunch of original songs that you’ll be hearing all about in the coming months. πŸ˜‰ So not bad for four years’ effort!

And what have we chosen for this 50th cover? Well, we’ve blasted off into space with our interpretation of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”. The original is pretty hard to beat, so you may feel some familiarity in our rendition, but we’ve given it a little twist along the way too. Please join us on a journey to the moon! πŸ™‚

All Lies And Jests – Four Years of The Aeon Wanderers

Four years ago today, a chance conversation on FB led to the formation of The Aeon Wanderers. That’s us, by the way. What better way to celebrate than to share this little video we made for our version of “The Boxer” by Paul Simon? πŸ™‚

We recorded this earlier in the year for a “Bridge Over Troubled Water” tribute album, to mark its 50th Anniversary, but when discussing what to do about an accompanying video, ended up deciding our original idea was a bit too complicated. As it turns out, what we ended up with was a lot more complicated! πŸ˜‰ So here it is, after two months in production, plus the secret bonus verse that Simon & Garfunkel didn’t record. There may be one or two other fun things to spot, if you’re eagle-eyed enough.

β€œWhen you collaborate with someone else on something creative, you get to places that you would never get to on your own. The way an idea builds as it careens back and forth is so unpredictable. You never know where it might lead.”

– John Cleese

I’m Gonna Take Lonely…

The extremely talented Tim Minchin invited his viewers to make their own lock-down versions of his upcoming new song, “I’ll Take Lonely Tonight”, a wistful tale of avoiding temptations, or as he puts it “a song about not having sex”! Since we’ve been doing these remote-isolated-trans-Atlantic-collaborations for years now, we decided we should have a go. πŸ™‚ Here’s our interpretation – enjoy, and check out Mr Minchin’s website for more of his stuff:

Take comfort wherever you can, you can.

It’s unexpected bonus song time!Β  We were both invited to a Covid Lockin Online Open Mic that took place yesterday.Β  Andrea was keen to participate but doesn’t play an instrument, so we put this cover together as a special for the event – admittedly not quite live, but the best we could do at short notice, and with our geographical and temporal constraints.Β Alas, our offering went unheard, so we’re sharing it with you all here instead. Β In the words of Deb Talan, whose song this is, “Take comfort wherever you can, you can, you can.”

Can we work it out? We can!

Remote recording with your friends from isolation? We’ve been doing this for years. Bloomin’ upstarts.

So one day last year, I (O) thought, “Hey, you know what? We should do ‘We Can Work It Out’.” So we did. πŸ™‚ And now that real life has slowed down a little bit, and since Zoom seems to be the virtual hangout of choice during these interesting times, we decided a Zoom video was the way to be down with the kids.

Anyway here we go – recorded in those heady days of February 2020, when international travel was still a thing, and Andrea was on the old side of the pond…

Stay safe. πŸ™‚

The world is spinning madly on…

The world has been spinning madly on since the new year, so it’s perhaps appropriate that we kick off the new decade with this one from The Weepies. πŸ™‚ Happy 2020, and look out, because it’s debut album year!