Month: December 2018

It was Christmas Eve, babe… A fairytale of New York.

Christmas is almost upon us, the days are already getting longer, winter is here, and we’ve been making seasonal music! ‘Tis, after all, the season to be … yelling and calling each other names, at least in this festive feast originally made famous by The Pogues and the late, great Kirsty MacColl. Our final offering for 2018, and another suggestion sent in by our friend Dereck Blackburn over on our Facebook page.

Have a great 2018 solstice period, whatever you’re celebrating. 🙂

Is This The Real Life? We’ll give you two guesses.

Sometimes, when people give us song suggestions, we look at each other and go, “Oh yes!” This was one of those. 🙂

We knew from the start that we’d have to do a fairly faithful rendition – but in the end we only managed 154 vocal tracks. I know, we should try harder. And of course, with such an iconic video for the original song, how could we not do a little bit of that too?

Here we present Freddie Mercury’s opus from 1975. Please feel free to headbang along in the car.

No Digging … uh … No Digital … uh … No Diggity?!

In October we asked you for song suggestions that we might attempt as covers, and got a bucketful of excellent ideas in response! After a short hiatus to accommodate real life, here’s the second of those – a classic piece of new jack swing / hip hop R&B from 1996, originally by Blackstreet.

Chosen by Rosie RJ’s dog, apparently, it required a little more reinterpretation that is usual for us, owing to neither of us really knowing what a “homie” is (well, OK, Andrea says she does), and one of us being somewhat British. But we gave it our best shot. (We only bleeped one word. Can you spot it?)

If you spotted our teaser video last week, you’ll recognise a little of this video – we have another of your suggestions coming within the next week – from 21 years before this one – so keep watching!