It seemed like a no-brainer, when we were contemplating famous duets, to try to tackle a cover of “Easy Lover,” as originally performed by noted Englishman Phil Collins, with soulful sidekick Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire.

Less obvious was what to do about a video.We watched the original video many times. It has everything: helicopter flight! Costume changes! Dancing! Goofing around in a studio! And an elaborate professional film set with lights, cameras, and action.

WE, on the other hand, have laptops, green screens, iPhones, Sharpies, USB interfaces, Hoovers, unflappable determination… and, apparently, quite a long time to put together our best interpretation of this classic 80s video about making a video about making a video

Edit (18th November 2023):

For the first time ever, we were initially unable to upload to YouTube because their algorithm thought our cover was the “Extended Dance Remix” of the original, and blocked it worldwide! But on trying again later in the year, everything seemed ok! Must have been an awesome dance remix. 😉