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Why do we never get an answer?

When Owen first learned this song, back in around 1986, he would play it loudly (and badly) on pianos in his school’s music room at lunchtimes, much to the chagrin of the Head of Music, who would loudly exclaim, “Don’t bash pianos!” Owen did not learn his lesson, and continued to bash pianos. Perhaps he should have heeded that sage advice from 40 years ago, as repeated bashing of his own piano in the making of this video left him with a sprained index finger. 🙂 Andrea was thankfully uninjured, being sufficiently far away across the Atlantic to avoid any piano-bash ricochet.

Which is a long and cautionary tale by way of introduction to this Justin Hayward classic from The Moody Blues, given the Aeon Wanderers twist. This is our first duo cover of the Moodies, but Owen may have done a handful more solo…

Also look out for growing vines – we’re quite pleased with them. 😉

We’re gonna be 500 miles … or so

Our very close comrades, The Disclaimers, perform That Song From Scotland That Everyone Knows for Theme Music’s “Mispeldt Words” theme (yes, it has been a while!) – they invite you to sing along in your best brogue!

Disclaimer: no accents were permanently harmed during the making of this song.

She’s an Easy Lover…

It seemed like a no-brainer, when we were contemplating famous duets, to try to tackle a cover of “Easy Lover,” as originally performed by noted Englishman Phil Collins, with soulful sidekick Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire.

Less obvious was what to do about a video.We watched the original video many times. It has everything: helicopter flight! Costume changes! Dancing! Goofing around in a studio! And an elaborate professional film set with lights, cameras, and action.

WE, on the other hand, have laptops, green screens, iPhones, Sharpies, USB interfaces, Hoovers, unflappable determination… and, apparently, quite a long time to put together our best interpretation of this classic 80s video about making a video about making a video

For the first time, we’ve been unable to upload to YouTube because their algorithm thinks our cover audio is the “Extended Dance Remix” of the original, and blocked it worldwide! Must be an awesome dance remix. 😉

If you need me, I’ll be downstairs

Welcome to 2023! Here’s our take on Jonathan Coulton’s ode to suburban ennui – we recorded it waaay back in early 2021, but couldn’t decide on what to do for a video. Andrea had the idea to use a dolls’ house, but not having suitable props, nor being able to find online footage or imagery that would work meant we had to try for something a bit more crafty. Owen then decided to build a dolls’ house in 3D … and naturally it’s now some 18 months later, because these things take time and computer upgrades to make happen. But here we are – join our couple as they find their way through life’s twists and turns…

One might say it’s the reason for the season…

It’s that time of year again! It’s almost like clockwork – gears within wheels within circles – how this festive season recurs annually… the temperature dips, the snowflakes fly, the lights twinkle, the children’s cheeks are all aglow… the anticipation builds. What’s coming our way this December? Is it? Could it be? Yes it could! Look to the skies and sing along as we celebrate the Reason for the Season.

Outside it’s 1933

It has not escaped our notice that the world is changing on both sides of the pond, and not necessarily for the better. We assume it has not escaped your notice, either. All around, there are echoes of a darker time earlier in our history, one that we believed was safely behind us. It’s often good idea to illuminate the dark places, so as not to tread there again, and Frank Turner’s “1933” is one excellent option for that.

Today is an important, even critical, day in the United States, and it isn’t hyperbole to suggest that the fate of the free world hangs in the balance. The only thing that stands between continued progress toward our shared survival, and tumbling back into a dark place whose depths are yet unknown, is your vote.

You know what to do.

Well it’s been real nice to know you.

Earlier this year we were approached by Adam Waltemire to contribute a song for his “Sing Me A Song – A 50th Birthday Celebration” project. This is a collection of many of his favourite songs, covered by friends of Pop Garden Radio, and published a couple of weeks ago. Here’s our effort – a Mike Viola / Candy Butchers song for which one of us nipped across the pond to make the video. 😉 Also featuring jays on Andrea’s back deck.

Check out the birthday collection at

Everybody’s gone at last – but with no numbers…

Here’s a song with no name! We recorded this cover last year for the Theme Music Tributes version of Elliott Smith’s album “Either/Or” and have just made a splashy little video to accompany. You can hear the whole album at

There’s a Blackbird outside yelling in the pitch black.

A couple of weeks ago, late one evening…

Owen: “There’s a blackbird was yelling its head off in the pitch black outside.”
Andrea: “One might even say that it was singing in the dead of night.”
And of course, with a cue like that…
Both: “We should cover that.”

And to accompany, some local examples of the species (which have an unfortunate Latin name) filmed back in 2014 and more recently.

I don’t know why I Ever Said Goodbye

In our quest to cover every break-up song ever written, here’s a regretful number from The Weepies to remind us of the consequences of terrible relationship decisions.