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Nature Boy – the greatest thing …

A must-do for the “Natural” theme in Theme Music, this Nat King Cole classic gets the full AW treatment.  It was also a bucket-list song for Andrea.

For Bond’s Eyes Only!

Songs, Bond Songs – The Music of 007” is an amazing covers project spearheaded by Andrew Curry, featuring all the James Bond film themes to date, covered by artists from around the world.  In addition to the CD, a bonus EP of rejected Bond themes has been created for Kickstarter contributors.  Blondie’s unused “For Your Eyes Only” was selected for inclusion, and we are delighted to put our stamp on it for the project!

You can hear it here.  A video will eventually follow – watch this space!

Ruin My Day, why don’t you?

When Andrea introduced Owen to Jon Brion’s album Meaningless, it was inevitable that something would happen. This was it!  Or at least the start of it.  And it didn’t ruin our day either.

Try – another Theme Music all star cover

Another from our Theme Music collaborations archive.  For Andrea’s choice of Colbie Caillat’s “Try” we called upon the massed talents of fellow Themesters Gayle Graizzaro, Dara Diamant, Carey Anne, Diana Chadwell Brown, Linda Hodgson, Wendi Dunlap and Tess Hoffman.

*ahem* – Forget You – seems unlikely

This CeeLo Green song originally had two versions: the radio-friendly, “Forget You”, and the real version.  We did the real one.  So if you don’t like your F-words, skip on by.  But you’ll miss the Owenettes doing their thing!  😉

Charlie Darwin – a voyage on the Mayflower

Cast adrift in a world with no land, and only the ruins of civilisation, here’s our cover of The Low Anthem’s “Charlie Darwin”.

Love Lies Bleeding – a Theme Music collaboration

We originally met as members of the Theme Music group, wherein a weekly or fortnightly challenge is issued to find and record (or write) a song that fits the current theme.  While many of our early covers owe their origins to the many and varied themes issued, we’ve also teamed up with other group members on many occasions to produce bigger collaborations.  Here’s one epic example, featuring Bill Shaouy, Kyle Richards and Scott Sutherland.  From Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, here’s Elton John’s “Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding”.  Yes – all of it!

My Lovely Horse – in the saddle!

Not strictly an Aeon Wanderers cover, but Owen’s take on this Father Ted classic, by The Divine Comedy, pulled Andrea in on backing vocals and horse riding. For some inexplicable reason, this is our most popular collaboration.

Bright Eyes – no rabbits but maybe a hedgehog

Originally sung by Art Garfunkel, this song by Mike Batt, from the film Watership Down, was the perfect choice for a bit of Aeon Wanderers layered vocals.  Our respective daughters star in this video, along with some wildlife – alas no rabbits.

The Big Fight – it had to happen

A cover of “The Big Fight” by Stars.  Andrea’s animation gives way to live action filmed on the occasion of our first real-life meeting in London in August 2016.