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So he’s lying on top again … just like Gepetto …

A few years ago, Owen was asked to create a backing for a cover of this song for a weekly song challenge. He rose to the occasion with the full Owen treatment.

As it happens, Belly are currently touring the UK and US, so he figured it was high time to dust off that old backing track, convince Andrea to help throw some new vocals at it, and give it the Aeon Wanderers treatment!

Of Cardigans and Cuckoos…

We were invited to do a song for a tribute remake of The Cardigans 1996 album, “First Band On The Moon”. Here’s our adaptation of the opening track, “Your New Cuckoo”, with a little video of our own invention added for fun! 🙂  Andrea sings lead, and created all the green-screen video segments, while Owen created the musical backdrop and animated video segments.

You can hear the full tribute album, recreated by a plethora of talented types, here:

This Woman’s Work

This Kate Bush song originally featured in the 1988 film “She’s Having A Baby”, and was released on album and as a single in 1989. It’s sung from the viewpoint of a father-to-be waiting to hear news from the emergency room – we took inspiration for the video from the original music video for the song, which was itself inspired by the film.

A little bit of acting and a little bit of photoshop help us along the way!

Join us in this Near Wild Heaven!

We took a little R.E.M. sleep and came out with this Mike Mills classic. Check out Andrea’s amazing video!

Fancy Things – let’s look into the future!

Journey into a little magic and fortune telling for our take on The Weepies’s “Fancy Things”!

You’re No Good – no, not you, me

Made famous by Linda Ronstadt, this song was written by Clint Ballard Jr. and was given to Andrea as a “Secret Santa” challenge at the end of 2017.  Here’s what we made of it!

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

A seasonal question for all you romantic types.  We went to our respective mailboxes in Scotland and Massachusetts to post our invitations, but look what happened!  Here’s our take on Frank Loesser’s beautifully optimistic song to bring 2017 to a close.

You Haven’t Done Nothin’ – seriously, you haven’t.

One of the two Stevie Wonder songs we recorded for the “Year Of Living Stevie” podcast, earlier in 2017, we had an opportunity to add a video thanks to a suitable theme challenge over at Theme Music. Stevie’s words (originally about President Nixon) seem to have stood the test of time pretty well.

Both Sides Now – yet still somehow …

By special request we recorded this cover of the Joni Mitchell classic, “Both Sides Now”.

Lucky Ball And Chain – live and insane!

On the occasion of our second ever get-together, we did a handful of live performances at Owen’s piano.  Here’s our almost-spontaneous, slightly mad take on They Might Be Giants’s “Lucky Ball And Chain”.