What do Connery, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan and Craig have in common? They’re far better at running around looking serious than Owen is! 😉

So back in March last year, Andrew Curry from CurryCuts approached us to record a bonus track for his “Songs Bond Songs” covers project, and gave us one of the unused James Bond theme songs to tackle. Although Sheena Easton’s track made the final rushes, Blondie also wrote a song for “For Your Eyes Only” – one of their classic guitar-driven post-punk pop tracks.

So we took it and Bondified it to the extreme! Andrea took on the vocals, while Owen pulled as many Bond-Thematic tricks as he could from the book for the music. And nearly 18 months on, we’ve finally made a video to go with it! Filmed on two continents and in three countries (I’m sure we could have done better with a bit more time), and with a few easter eggs for the eagle-eyed, here’s our slightly tongue-in-cheek homage to Bond films past and present! We hope it will leave you a little stirred, not shaken. 🙂